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Most of our nail products are vegan friendly. Ryan sells a polish called CND Vinylux (fast dry), Hempz lotions, Butters by Cuccio and a few cuticle products like CND Cuticle Eraser and Solar oil inside of the spa. Feel free to stop in today at #SpeiceFieldhouse and take a tour.

 NEW GEL product service

  • CND Plexigel Builder $45. clear-no polish
  • CND Plexigel Builder $65. w/ Shellac polish 

  • CND Plexigel Shaper $40. clear-no polish 
  • CND Plexigel Shaper $60. w/ Shellac

ORLY GELFX $45. Clear,

Builder-Gel-in-a-bottle is a medium strength nail service, no odor. Add Shellac  polish $20. Free nail designs!

Creative Play Gel Polish

the first actual gel polish made w/ Gel inside of it.

SHELLAC by CND the original power polish. It's like a gel polish. Shellac is a UV3 technology nail polish that is applied over Natural nails, Acrylic nails or Gel nails and can be applied to toe nails as well.. Lasts 14 days+ Shellac Polish will never loose its shine or luster.

After the 14 days are up, come back in for a RE- SHELLAC (Removal, Re-Manicure and Re-application) This way, you can enjoy your beautiful & shinny nails once again.

CND Shellac polishes w/ over 475 color combinations by layering polish and effects or CND Additives are available.

Professionally applied ~ Certified manicurist

CND Vinylux "hybrid" polishes.....

This polish is remarkable. It uses indirect light to strengthen it's self on a daily basis. Typically this polish can last up to three plus weeks on a pedicure without any chipping of the polish. Can be removed w/ any remover. Requires no base coat. Simply, use Scrub Fresh to ph balance nails before applying two coats of color  and one coat of the Vinylux topcoat. Plus it dries in 8 1/2 to 15min. 

Retail $10.75 each bottle as well as Vinylux Topcoat are sold in Spa by Ryan.

CND Shellac Luxe- launched in 2018

Retail: Cuccio 8oz. Body Butter $20.
Cocoa butter & Shea butter, non-greasy and are deliciously scented for hydrating your dry skin cells.

Retail: Cuccio 4oz Butter tubes are $14.

has Cocoa & Shea butters, non-greasy, and are deliciously scented for hydrating your dry skin cells

Retail: Cuccio 8oz Lyte Butter bottles $12.  pump bottles, light version of the original body butter. Ultra sheer, non-greasy, Cocoa/Shea butter, great for hydrating your dry skin. 

Hempz Fresh Fusions Body Moisturizers 

 size 2.25oz  $8-14. (limited edition $14 & up)

 sizes 8.5oz - 17oz $23-52. (limited edition $52 & up)

Pure Herbal Extracts with 100% natural hemp seed oil, Shea butter, non-greasy. Twenty+ scents available. The scents of Blackberry Lemongrass, Apple Cinnamon Shortbread, Pumpkin Vanilla Chai, Apricot Clementine are available, in Addition: CBD lotions, lip balms and deodorants too.

Hempz CBD Moisturizers and pain relievers

Retail: 2.25oz 80mg $14

Retail: 8.5oz 300mg $32

Retail: 17oz 600mg $52

Formulated to help maintain the health and wellness of your skin, Hempz CBD moisturizer with these oils are infused with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil to help hydrate, Refresh and Revive skin. THC-FREE, DYE-FREE, PARABEN-FREE 100% VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE

  • RETAIL these too:
  • CBD Lavender moisturizer 80mg/300mg
  • CBD Rose oil moisturizer 80mg/300mg
  • CBD Grapefruit & Elemi moisturizer 80mg/300mg
  • CBD Eucalyptus & Tea Tree oil moisturizer 80mg/300mg
  • CBD Marshmallow Mint 600mg
  • ((while supplies last, limited))

Retail: Hempz CBD 

CBD Pep-O-Mint moisturizer 80mg $14

CBD Pep-o-Mint moisturizer 400mg $52 

(While supplies last, limited)

All credit and debit cards accepted, Cash and local checks from existing customers only.

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